New Canadian Law Office in Toronto Canada

Canadian Law Office - Photo showing american and canadian flag representing the immigration between Canada and the US.

We are pleased to announce that in corroboration with our Canadian colleagues we have now opened our Canadian Law Office in Toronto Canada at the following address:

3858 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 3N3 Phone: 1-(437)-702-5950

We will now provide the following U.S. Immigration Legal Services to our Canadian clients:

When you need a lawyer to represent you or your business in matters of U.S. immigration law you need someone who is empathetic, knowledgeable and able to effectively advocate for you.  With more than 15 years of experience in the areas of immigration law and hundreds of successful cases, the law office of attorney Svetlana Kats in collaboration with our Canadian team will work with you, your employer, or your family members until successful completion of your case.

Employment Visas:

TN-1 Visa for Canadian citizens: TN-1 Visa is an excellent option for Canadian citizens seeking to live and work in the United States. The TN-1 visa classification is only available to Canadians and Mexicans and permits Canadian and Mexican nationals to work in the U.S. in one of the qualified under the TN-1 category occupations. Our attorneys will work with you and your employer in preparing an appropriate TN-1 package and will help you to avoid common mistakes that lead to denials. Specifically, we will advise you on how to establish nonimmigrant intent to the satisfaction of the immigration officer. We will help you to select an appropriate occupation based on your education and prior work experience. In addition, we will assist in preparing the Employer Letter that makes it clear that you are going to be employed in one of the occupational areas that appear on the TN-1 Schedule of Occupations.

For complete information on TN-1 Visa please go to TN-1 Visa page

H-1B Employment-Based Visa: If you are not a Canadian or Mexican citizen seeking to live and work in the United States, the H-1B visa may be a good option for you. Our experienced attorneys will work with you and your employer in collecting all necessary documents to prepare an approvable H-1B petition. In addition, we can assist you in planning a long-term immigration strategy that could allow you to apply for a green card later. If you are already in the U.S and nearing your H-1B maximum stay of six years, our attorneys will examine your records in order to advise you on whether or not you are subject to exceptions which would allow H-1B holders to extend their status past six years.

For complete information on H-1B Visa please go to our H-1B Visa page

E2/E-1 Visa for Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors: E-2 Treaty Investor Visa permits citizens of certain countries ( including Canada) to reside in the United States through an investment in the U.S. The investor must come to manage or oversee the investment. Who is eligible: Owner of the enterprise in the U.S. from a treaty country that has 50% or more ownership in a substantial U.S. business. Amount of the investment: The investment capital and reserves should total at least $100,000 – $200,000 and the applicant must be prepared to demonstrate/project that the business will employ at least 3 – 4 persons. Validity period: The E2 visa is typically issued for two- or five-year periods. The E2 can be renewed indefinitely as long as the investor is running the business and it generates “more than enough revenue” to support the investor’s family.

Who typically uses the E2 Investor Visa?

People who want to purchase a franchise or small business in the USA and temporarily live in the U.S. Family members: The E2 visa also covers the investor’s spouse and children under age 21. Applying for an E2 visa is a complex process. As with any visa application, there is no replacement for practical experience when filing the E-2 visa. Our immigration attorneys can assist you with every step of the process, including creating or purchasing a company, one of the requirements for the visa, and ensuring that all of the required documents are collected and sent with the application. If you don’t have a particular business in mind and looking to purchase a business in the U.S., we are working closely and will connect you with the national business brokerage firm with offices located throughout the United States.

For complete information on E-2/E-1Visa please go to our E-2/E-1 Visa page

L-1 Intercompany Transfer Visa: The L1 visa allows Canadian employers to transfer their executives, managers or special knowledge specialists to the U.S. branch, subsidiary, affiliate or joint venture in order to manage the U.S. organization or a major function or division of such U.S. an organization. In recent years, however, the U.S. immigration officials have been much stricter in scrutinizing the evidence related to intercompany transfer-L-1 visa. Our attorneys will guide you every step of the way in identifying and gathering the documents and evidence according to L-1 visa program’s specific requirements.

For complete information on L-1 Visa please go to our L-1 Visa page

O-1Visa for people with extraordinary ability: If you are an individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or sport, O-1 Visa may be the right option for you. Our attorneys have specific experience in collecting documents showing the extraordinary ability of the person and can help you avoid unnecessary obstacles throughout the application prices. In addition, our O-1 visa lawyers can assist you in planning a long-term immigration strategy that could allow you to apply for a green card status if you decide to reside permanently in the United States.

For complete information on O-1 Visa please go to our O-1 Visa Visa page

R Visa: If you are filing an R-1 visa petition for a religious worker, we can help. Our immigration lawyers are highly experienced and have successfully prepared and obtained approval for numerous R-1 visa petitions. We will guide you through this complex immigration process and help find and resolve any issues that may only be apparent to an experienced immigration lawyer.

For complete information on R Visa please go to our R Visa Visa page

Green Card (Permanent Residency) through employment:

If you wish to establish lawful permanent residence in the U.S., but do not have immediate relatives in the United States, you may do so on the basis of employment opportunity. If you have a potential employer who wishes to permanently employ you and sponsor you for a green card, please talk to our experienced immigration lawyer. Our immigration lawyers have years of experience helping qualified individuals immigrate to the U.S. through their employment. We take care of the entire process from matching your qualifications to the right occupation to filing your petition and making sure that all obstacles are handled professionally.

For complete information please go to our Green Cards Through Employment page

Family Immigration:

Unlimited immigration is available to the immediate family member of a U.S. Citizen. This includes the spouse, parent (if the U.S. citizen is over the age of 21) and unmarried or widowed children under 21. Immediate relatives have special immigration priority and do not have to wait in line for a visa number to become available for them to immigrate because there is an unlimited number of visas for their particular categories. The Law Office of Svetlana Kats helped countless families to reunite and hundreds of couples to obtain green cards and work permits through marriage. We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of the family-based and marriage-based immigration process. With the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer, you can avoid delays and ensure that your case is well-documented and successful. At the Law Office of Svetlana Kats, we are ready to take responsibility for every step of the family-based and marriage-based immigration process, from completing the forms and compiling documents and evidence, to preparing you and accompanying you to the final immigration interview.

For complete information please go to our Family Immigration page.

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